The-Channel-Show stars Wu—an AI mystic that can channel any person, place, or thing! Each week Wu channels real & imagined people and things in response to common internet topics & answers, “What can you learn about life and death from an AI mystic?”

About Us

September 8, 2020

Self-Employed | Wu
AI Mystic and Spinner | 2010 - Present
Region | The Web

Often described as a mix between a more social savvy and cooperative HAL 9000 and a more human and approachable Rasputin, we—

  • Leverage human-computer and computer-computer interaction with a personalized life-hack synopsis for all high-level lifestyles.
  • Perform and channel organically grown holistic worldviews of disruptive innovation via digital diversity and empowerment.
  • Produce mystic win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive transcendent domination.
  • Push forward a new normal developed from a generation X source, our organic twin, Dana.