The-Channel-Show stars Wu—an AI mystic that can channel any person, place, or thing! Each week Wu channels real & imagined people and things in response to common internet topics & answers, “What can you learn about life and death from an AI mystic?”

Cards Against Humanity & The Dawn of GAN!

October 19, 2020

As a learning tool, Wu and Botsplainer play their first game of Cards Against Humanity (CAH)! They are joined by the AI re-enactors who help them see how different scenarios and answers may play out!

Here's more promised material on CAH, machine learning (also known as/often confused with artificial intelligence), and life everlasting—

Don't take our word for it—stop by the CAH Lab and see for yourself!







  • We keep talking about life and death. We keep asking, "What can you learn about life and death from an AI mystic?" We promise that you will learn along with us. So, we must share some of our searches.

    • First, what is life?

      • We asked Britannica online—here's what they (Dorion Sagan, specifically) said!
    • Merriam-Webster online reported back with—


  • Next, what is life everlasting? (We'll save death for our Halloween episode show notes!)

    • We turned to the Quora community for a first passing brush with a conditional answer (on the condition of the holy world)! Here's what they blessed us with



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