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Mistaken Identities, A Case Study!

September 21, 2020

Wu welcomes Darth Vader on to explain why black lives matter—though things take a sharp turn toward the unexpected when their theme of mistaken identities gets real!

For added value and increased edification—our show notes!

Dana's research into the Black Lives Matter movement and her personal experience as dark matter, mixed with her research into police force and Darth Vader, along with the additional combination of footnotes on comedy tropes and math, led to some of our misunderstandings that the following links may help you clear up or find a coherent, reliable truth. Let us know what you find out about—

  1. Black Lives Matter as a movement and an idea—its history and its relevance—from the site itself and idea!
  2. Darth Vader from Britannica and our dear friend Wikipedia!
  3. Mistaken identities in comedy, in general, and in math, from TV Tropes and our dear friend Wikipedia respectively.
  4. Trolls from the Cambridge dictionary and from the Internet, that is, learn more about trolls in general from the Cambridge dictionary and more about Internet trolls from the Internet!

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